the desire to enjoy a particular lifestyle is good. This desire makes some people
go out of their comfort zones in order to achieve a particular result. When
such actions are carried out over a long duration of time, it becomes a habit which
eventually leads to the outcome desired by that individual. The same way good
habits are built over time, harmful habits are also formed when consistently
done over a long period of time.

habits are you forming? That habit will eventually determine the course of your
future. Where you desire greatness, your attitude and habits today will determine
whether your desires are achievable. How do you know whether you are working
towards reaching your 20, 30 years’ plan? It is seen from your actions today
i.e, the way you handle your work or academics, the way you handle little
successes, life failures or disappointments, changes etc. All these go a long
way to reveal the type of future you may be forming.

towards a particular future is different from wishing good things to come to
you. Simply wishing without making plans of realizing your wish will make you a
perpetual wisher. Nobody has ever achieved anything simply by wishing those
outcomes will happen. For every desire of your heart to come true, you must
make plans on how you wish to reach that goal and you must work towards it.
There is nothing wrong with changing your trajectory along the way if your
efforts are not producing the kind of results you want. It is knowing when to
change direction and pursue other options that will determine how fast you can
reach your goals. Like I always say, make a plan, write it down, go to that
plan periodically to check whether you are on course, if you are not on course,
examine yourself again, know the problem and solve that problem. The journey
towards the type of future you wish to see starts the day you realize that that
is the type of future you want. In other words, you can start today. Do not
berate yourself for failing to ask yourself the necessary questions on time.
Today is still a good day to make that self-assessment, do not delay any

a fulfilling week!

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