Rise Again

We are gradually drawing close the curtain of
2020. A lot of unplanned events happened this year. Apart from the global
pandemic and the economic downturn that followed, some people’s fortune changed
for good, though the latter is in the minority. It is more a case of different
strokes for different people; while some companies had to take a strategic
decision to survive and just stay afloat, some dared to take risks which may or
may not have paid off. In summary, we adapted to the happenings of this year
and that is why we are still pushing and are hopeful of a better ending.

No matter how uncertain and difficult a situation
may seem, learn to take it easy, just take one step at a time, everything will
eventually be good. We are all naturally born to survive and adapt to any
situation, so no matter how insurmountable a situation may look, have it in
mind that you as well as everyone was created to adapt and survive hostile
situations. It all depends on whether you know the power you possess. If you
whine all the time unpleasant events happens to you, how do you think you can
surmount that circumstance and use your experience as a lesson to others. Every
time we give up on something simply because we are tired of pushing, we just
simply denied ourselves and others the opportunity of celebrating a victory
that could have happened if only we pushed just a little more. Imagine if Thomas
Edison or the Wright Brothers had given up; their legacy exists today not
because they had a perfect environment rather because they chose to concentrate
on their goals and ignore or adapt to minor inconveniences.

As this year winds down, always remember the
reason you started a specific project, remember the passion you started with. When everything seems bleak and hopeless, remember the enthusiasms which you
had at the beginning, summon up one more courage to push on and you will definitely
be on your way to the top.

Have a blessed week.


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