The human mind

 The human mind is very wide, it
can record lots of events, anything you can imagine comes from the human mind.
Despite this wonderful ability, the mind needs assistance, that’s why we have
books, that’s why people write and that’s why we are discussing the subject “the
human mind”. No matter how photographic your memory is, there is still a need
to make notes where very important discussions are going on. Writing down your
points or that of others helps you easily recall the circumstances surrounding
that conversation.

If one of your bad habits is
forgetfulness, then try to work on it by being more deliberate about jotting
down important discussions. This might not be the only solution to the problem,
but it’s actually a good place to start. Some people lose focus when they are
going through difficult times, this is not the people I’m referring to. Once
your “forgetfulness” is induced by life circumstances, jotting down those
points may not help you remember things, as you may likely forget that you had something written down somewhere. Once the human mind is not settled, the
natural propensity is that it won’t be able to give out its best at that point
in time. That is not to say that we should give up trying to produce results
when going through hard times.

It’s the last day of the month of November, though the beginning of a new week. It may seem as if it’s too late
to start a new habit, but guess what, it is not. Anytime is right for one to
develop a life changing habit. Beyond this write-up, go through your mind, you may
find that you need to drop a habit or two in order to produce more results,
just go ahead and do it.

Have a fruitful week and a
blessed December.

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