Redirect your energy to important matters.

Certain conversations should be
off-limits with people outside your close circle. Even within your circle there
are still some personal information that shouldn’t be disclosed.

Welcome to a new week. I think we
should make it a point of duty going forward to mind our business and stay out
of trouble. Focusing on yourself and pursuing your goals gives you no room for
idle talks and gossips which adds nothing to your life. Nothing meaningful or
noteworthy ever comes out of idle talks and conversations that malign other
people. Infact, the same people who join you to malign others will certainly
not put up a good recommendation for you when you are being considered for
important matters. Resist the temptation to say more than you are asked and if
required to give an information that may bring disrepute to another, leave that
environment. Many people are currently suffering certain disadvantages because
of what they said in certain quarters, so learn to put some restraints to

If you find it difficult to keep
your mouth shut or keep things to yourself and you genuinely wish to drop that
habit, then get help. You may ask people around you to watch you closely, this
includes reminding you when you are going overboard. If you have a good circle
of friends, they will help you to conquer this weakness, but firstly, you have
to be deliberate about giving up this habit.

Another good reason why you
should keep certain information to yourself is because there are chances that
you may not be correct. Things are not always what they seem, it is one thing
to say what you saw, it is another to actually see correctly. Except when
compelled by a law agency or by a moral code to give an information then it
is totally unnecessary to talk. Silence is still golden, use it when necessary.

Have a fulfilling week! 

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