There is usually a reason behind every action taken by people. It may not have been well thought out, but on a proper examination you will realise that such person took that action after some considerations. Those considerations do not have to make sense to you as long as the person that took that action find those considerations worth it.

Minding one’s business includes not questioning people’s decision as it relates to their personal affairs as long as those decisions or actions does not affect you or your loved ones. You don’t need information about what the other person is doing if you are not planning to learn from it or planning to question them on it. Minding your business is knowing this basic things and knowing when to keep your opinion to yourself especially when nobody asked for it.  While it is good to be your brothers keeper, you should learn to draw the line between caring for people and interfering with their lives. Sometimes some people in the guise of caring for other people sift out information about these persons and use it against them. To be truly productive in your affairs, learn to concentrate on your “business”. If you spend much time on your “business” there are higher chances of succeeding in them than when you dissipate that energy on things that do not matter.

It’s a new week. Re examine yourself, find out the major activities that has been taking your time. Are they worth it 

Have a fulfilling week!

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