Before you take a final position

Don’t allow anyone or anything push you into taking a decision you are not ready for. Beware the push may be subtle, you may not even realize that  you are under pressure until you have taken a position that is unfavorable to you.  

Taking decisions that are detrimental to ones interest is not what any normal human being would ordinarily do, so when you are faced with the result of a poor decision, have it in mind that such decision could have been made under pressure. The result which may not only affect the maker but several others subordinate to the maker of that decision.  Anytime that you are under pressure or you are not in the right frame of mind refrain from making statements or words that may be interpreted as you having taken a final position on a particular matter. It is not difficult to postpone your decision over a particular matter especially one that is not urgent. Postponing your decision gives you more time to articulate your thoughts, do your research and take the best position on a particular matter. Write down your thoughts, ideas, action plans  etc, this will help you to remember what you are supposed  to do especially in cases where the urgency of the situation demands that you take a position. 

Finally, remember that you are most often than not going to be faced with the result of any decision you make at any given point in time. Remember this before putting down your signature in that paper or taking a final position on a particular matter.

Have a fruitful week!

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