Tenacity is one of the pre requisite for success. I am yet to see someone who succeeded by mistake. There is always a deliberate action from that person seeking success without which such person cannot reach his goal. That is why whenever we hear the stories of great men, you will find out that it was not easy for them, they just had that determination not to give up until they realised their goal.

Life has been structured in most cases to reward the diligent. The busy hand is more often than not rewarded more than the lazy hand. That is why you must get your hand busy doing things that you love to do. Passion is the greatest fuel for success. I don’t have to preach to you to do something you are passionate about. I understand that sometimes the quest to survive pushes people out of what the really want to do, before you know it they are caught up in the rat race. As much it lies within your power, try not to live your life like that. In the midst of your struggle to survive, try to create time to do what you are truly passionate about, who knows somethings may come out of it.

Being positively busy apart from giving you chances to succeed in your given endeavour also helps you to stay out of trouble. When your mind is engaged thinking solutions or the next step in your  project, you will have little time to fuel negative energy. You will know when to halt side talks and stay focused on your goals.

This is a new week, it is a good time to re assess what we focus our time on, so we don’t end up wasting it on frivolities.

Do have a blessed week!

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