Poised to Conquer

Welcome to the first Monday of
the year. I hope the holiday provided us some time to rest and prepare ourselves
for this new year. By preparation I mean going back to your dreams and goals to
check whether you are still in line or whether you need to change your strategy
in order to produce good results. Last year was tough for some people; we hope
this year brings a better luck.

What are your plans this new
year? Whatever you plan to do, ensure that your plans include taking adequate
care of your mental health. A good mental health guarantees a good mind which
in turn makes better decisions that yield better outcomes. A lot of people
often carry too many baggage from failed relationships, bad business deals, failed
projects etc. to a new relationship, business
or project. This is a typical example of allowing past decisions to frustrate future
events. We are supposed to learn from mistakes but not allow such mistakes
prevent us from taking critical decisions that may enhance our lives. Make it a
point of duty to always question your motive anytime you are required to take
certain decisions, perhaps, truthfully answering those questions will help you
get rid of the temptation to carry over past disappointments to future events.

Like I would always say, it is
important to take critical decisions everyday if they are geared towards
improving your life, you do not need to wait for a new year to take such decisions.
As you start off this week, remember that the world is yours for the taking if
you put in more efforts and expunge every past disappointment from your mind.
Remember the top is for few people, I wish to see you among these few.

Have a blessed week.

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