I don’t usually start my day with
a lot of thoughts/plans on how the day should go.  Subsequently, I realized that this was
counterproductive. I eventually learnt how to write a to-do list, I noticed it
helped me achieve more during the day. There were days where something cropped
up and I had to change my plans,but, it didn’t really matter, just as long as those
things were important. For the outstanding items on my list I found time to do
them even if not on the day I originally planned to do them.
A lot has been said about
planning and following through with the plans, but, despite all that has been
said, some people still have challenges with this. Your short and long term
plans should be clear and realizable. It’s okay if something crops up to shake
up your plans, it’s also ok to alter them when circumstances have changed to
reflect the new circumstances, information etc. In the long run, the ultimate
aim is for you to meet your goals.
As we commence this new week,
make efforts to write down your plans for the week, as much as it lies within
you, try and follow through your plans. Re-evaluate your long term goals and
find out how best you can achieve them. I bet this can help you realize more on
your set targets and goals.
Have a fruitful week.

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