My Comfort zone-the killer zone

People generally prefer to remain
in their comfort zones than go out of it to do something different. I  have my several comfort zones, for instance, I prefer having a particular breakfast every other day. Beyond this, I have other habits that I have found difficult to stop. The funny
thing about enjoying life in our comfort zone is that you never get to
experience a different result from the one you are used to. This is a very big limitation.
Life in your comfort zone can be very predictable and certain, in the converse,
it can also be very limiting.
Try out a new idea, do that your
everyday routine differently, in fact, go out of your routine once in a while
and do something different. Take a risk and damn the consequences. If you are
ready to move to a different level in life, then one habit you have to adopt is
takings risks. Taking risks involves leaving your comfort zone for the
unpredictability associated with risk taking.
Calculated risks can be taken
everyday in life, in the area of business, career, relationship etc. Our
ability to take these risks positions us for a different result which could go
either way-negative or positive. Whichever way it goes, determine from the
beginning of taking the risk to be bound by the consequences of your action,
and more importantly learn lessons from the experience.
Let’s get out of our comfort zone
and try out something new.Have A Blessed Week.

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