All about perspective

The differences between our generation and that of our parents or the senior citizens around us make us prone to misunderstanding each other. Some
are of the ‘mistaken’ opinion that they know better simply because they were born
in a faster paced generation, while the older the generation on the other hand believe they know better. The idea of a faster paced generation only exists
in our mind. In the time of our parents they also believed that they were
smarter and in a faster paced generation than their parents. Basically, it’s a
circle on a repeat mode.
Our discussion today basically
centers on the need to think about things a bit more differently than we are
used to. What you consider incredulous or simply incredible, may not actually
be so, if you could calm down to see things from the other person’s
perspective. Everything really is about perspective, it all depends on the angle
you approached the conversation or the issue at hand. Learn not to be too quick to come to a
conclusion about a particular subject, until you have had the time and patience
to look at all the angles/sides of the story.
 As we go through this week, try and think twice before giving that angry retort, try to get a second opinion before sealing that decision and finally try not to be too much in a hurry to talk, listen more!
Have a blessed week.

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