Pardonable Conducts

It is okay to feel afraid when certain things happen to make you afraid. It is also okay to admit a weakness you have. What is not normal is the society making it absurd for one to show any form of weakness.

Nobody is perfect and we all have one shortcoming or the other. While working on our flaws, it is unacceptable to magnify another person’s weakness forgetting our own flaws. Let’s make every environment we find ourselves a conducive one, conducive for growth, for improvement, for second chances etc. When we create an enabling environment for people to blossom we invariably create our own opportunity to grow. Life is simple, what we do for others have a way of coming back to us, so really it is good to do what needs to be done. What you need to do at every circumstance is what every reasonable person given such circumstances as yours will do. We need to understand the value of people, the importance of treating people right. When we treat people right we bring out the best in them, when you also make corrections and not abuses you tend to bring out the best in such person. The key to tapping into the infinite resources of everyman is to treat them well. When you arrogate a man to a position of importance, he tends to see himself as you see him, this motivates him to yield the best result.

In summary, allow people to show their weaknesses including failing at tasks, job etc, help them overcome those challenges if you can, do not advertise their shortcomings and watch them blossom and overcome those challenges. Do everything in love and watch the reward comeback in folds, even if there are no rewards do what you can to assist people when you have the opportunity to do so.

Have a blessed week!

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