Life Experiences

You should follow an advice rendered to you
only when that advice is a good one. It does not matter the calibre of person
that rendered the advice what is important is that that opinion, suggestion etc.
solves a problem afterwards.

Do not form an opinion on people based on their
outward appearance. I know it is very easy to assess people by their
appearance, but make it a point of duty not to have a biased opinion about
someone simply because of how they looked on your first meeting. Some people
can pretend, things are not always what they seem, imagine making an important
decision simply because the other person looked a certain way, you may end up
with an irreparable loss. People that have scammed others were able to do so because
they portrayed a certain image to their victims which they fell for.  

Although it is important not to judge people by
their outward appearance, people still do so. To protect yourself from disadvantageous
situations, ensure you look the way you want to be addressed. Very few people have
the time to go beyond looks, so if you wish to get a type of result look the
way people that get that result looks. The more we live life, the more we
learn, for instance the way you treated a situation years back may not be the
same way you will handle such situation if it happens now. Once we experience
something it gives us an opportunity to grow. The growth occurs because we have
developed the skill to handle such situation. Do not forget to talk to a therapist once a
past experience you are supposed to grow from affects your present life. Experiences
whether good or bad has a way of shaping people, while we hope to have just the
good ones, life sometimes gives us the undesirable ones which we must learn
from and grow from.

In summary learn to take life one step at a
time, do not judge a book by its cover and learn how to grow from your experiences.

Have a nice week!

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