Your true character

One of the ways to know a person
of character is if he/she can say the truth and also stand by their word. It is
very easy to claim you are a person of character, but truly we only know who
people are when we have the opportunity to work with them or deal closely with
them. Be who you claim to be.

Today is a brand new day, it is a
very good day to be what you portray to people that you are. If you want to be
known as a hardworking person, be hardworking, if you want to be seen as a good
person, be good to people. If several people say something about you, the truth
is that you may be exactly as they have described, be it good or bad. So if you
want to be something, work on being that person instead of pretending to be wat
you are not. It is better to exert energies into becoming what you want to be
known for than faking it, your true character will always slip and people would
see the real you.

Building any character or image
we want to be known for is not easy, such applies to success. To be successful
in life you have to work hard. You don’t just have to work hard, you should be
ready to accept the failure and the several criticisms that comes with it.
Anything worth pursuing in life requires hard work, perseverance and commitment,
therefore you should be willing to do the work required if that is what it
takes to attain the image you want to be known for.

Finally, have integrity, it will
never go out of fashion.

Have a blessed week!

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