Your opinion counts

Independent minded people are not
afraid to voice out their opinion, they are always ready to defend what they believe
in. Their belief system is not hinged upon what people think or consider
popular, rather they hold views because they have weighed the pros and cons of each situation and
have formed an opinion on them.

Being independent minded is a
trait that is almost missing in this generation where there are lots of social media
influences, bandwagon followership of certain trends. Being independent minded
does not mean refusal to heed to right counsel, you can follow someone else’s
advice after considering what the person has said and you have come to the
conclusion that they make sense. When you realize that an opinion you hold is
no longer valid, be bold enough to accept that times have changed and so should
that your opinion as change is the only constant thing in life. You have to be
truly independent to accept your faults and make an effort to change them.
Healthy relationships thrive more where everyone involved is truthful and not
afraid to say what should be said. Saying what you should say at any given time
should be based on what you truly believe the situation is, don’t make
conclusions on assumptions, don’t give a final verdict or opinion until you
have weighed all the available facts.

To live a fulfilled life, you
have to be conscious of what you are saying. People will always hear what you
are saying as long as you have made a mark in life. Be more impactful, do
not withhold information that will be beneficial to others. Your voice truly counts,
so make it a habit to live an impactful life and your voice will start to
matter to people.

Have a nice week! 

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