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People put out a lot of engaging content these days on social media platforms. Whilst some do it for the fun of it, some do it strictly for business. Sometimes, those who do it for fun may eventually start earning from their fun when they amass a lot of followership. In other words, some people stumbled into social media fame, they became famous and rich simply by doing what they love, either by entertaining their audience or putting out interesting content.

What is your passion? Are there chances that you have neglected following your passion because it is very inconvenient to do so? Have you thought about silencing discouraging voices, and following this passion of yours this year? I understand that towing an uncharted path comes with a lot of uncertainties, but how else would you succeed in your area of interest if you don’t take that risk to follow your heart? Following your passion does not really entail abandoning what you are currently doing. You may control your risks by combining your passion with your present job/work. Following your passion simply means doing that which you love to do against all odds. Remember, you can always find time to do anything at all you have set your mind to do. So, set your mind today to follow your passion, irrespective of how inconveniencing it may be to combine it with other works you are doing.

We never can tell what will become of our tomorrow if we stick to following the ”safe paths” of life. Take that risk today, go out of your comfort zone, do what you will be proud of in your later years. Remember, the world is yours for the taking, just be bold and do what you’ve always wished you were doing!

Have a great week!

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