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It’s the second week of 2024. How has it been for you? Hope all is well with you.

Sometimes people get so worked up taking care of other people’s needs, that they fail to look after themselves. This is obviously the case for many mothers; they are so busy catering to everyone’s needs especially, this past holiday season, that they fail to take a break and enjoy the holidays. If you find yourself feeling so stressed out as a Mom, because of the countless activities you planned with the visiting families, friends, kids etc, just know you are not alone. Many women are in these shoes, though it’s not the best place to be physically. You must learn how to reduce the stress if you can. Outsource some of the activities, and ask for help if it becomes too overwhelming. Being a superwoman does not include carrying loads that are not necessary. Some of these activities take out the joys of the holidays. I know you want to make everyone happy, but understand that it is okay if you can involve others and also make the holiday a happy and stress-free one for yourself.

It’s still the second week of the new year. If you are yet to plan something concrete for the year, I want to suggest that you start by drawing up a plan on how best to take care of yourself this year. Are you stressed out? go for a massage. Do you feel unwell? Go get some medical check-ups. Is your workplace becoming very uncomfortable and your co-workers toxic? address it.

You matter! Take care of your physical, emotional, and mental well-being this year. Do not push yourself last in the scheme of things. Note that nobody will take care of you better than you. So, re-adjust your priorities, put yourself first!

Have a wonderful week!

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