Do it anyway

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Learning can be hard at times. It can be particularly hard if you are learning a subject that you are not used to; probably a subject that you just stumbled upon and you think will impact your life. Even though some subjects can be hard, it should not stop you from doing what you ought to do to get the knowledge or skill you desire. This should be everyone’s approach to life. Is it necessary, what are the benefits, if the benefits outweigh every other thing, then despite the hardship, still go ahead and do it!

Some people were born into a certain type of privilege, the type of privilege that does not allow the person to really explore the “hard” part of life. The problem with people in this category is that they are not well-developed and emotionally prepared to handle life when life throws them hard punches. Stop running away from difficult subjects, discussions, works, etc, the solution you need in your life may lie hidden in one of those hard things of life you are avoiding. The only question you should ask yourself is whether that venture is worth it, if it is, then go all out for it, and give it your best. It is only when you’ve given it your best shot, that you can expect to get the full benefits of that venture.

You can use this day to call to mind the different responsibilities that you failed to take because of the challenges that cropped up on your way. Are there chances you can restart some of them or continue from where you stopped? If they are no longer available, do not worry, just plan again and ensure that going forward, you think well before you make a decision that can impact your life.

Have a good week!

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