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We are already at the end of January 2024. Time is running, waiting for no one.

Hope you have strategized on what you want to have as your outcome this year? Hope you have started taking steps to make that dream a reality? As I stated earlier, time waits for no man, so, do what you have to do now, don’t postpone it. If there are hard decisions you have to make or people you need to talk to, make that decision and have that talk. There may be no perfect time to do that. That perfect time is now.

People often shy away from responsibilities that require much from them. They only feel up to engaging in an activity, if that activity is what they love, and if their senses interpret that activity as “fun”. Quite unfortunately, many of the works we have to do to get the result we want, may not be fun. We are by nature required to show up every day to get our desired result. Nature rewards consistency. This also applies to activities that are not beneficial to people, for instance, if you smoke a ton every day, the natural result is that you may come down with a lung disease. Same way, if you keep doing a beneficial activity every day, it will become your habit and eventually your lifestyle, which of course nature still rewards. So, you can choose what you want your 2024 to be like by the actions you take.

Start your year well! Do what you will be proud of doing in the near future. If you haven’t started already, start today to sow good seeds. You will reap it in due season. Take out some time alone, reflect, re-think, re-boot, plan again. Your execution of those well-laid-out plans in life is what will give you your desired result.

Start 2024 well, be on top of your game!

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