Keep Trying

yourself so you don’t end up living in the past. By past, I mean past victories.
Living in your past wins creates the impression that you are not doing so much
for today. It is good to have fond memories of our past accomplishments, but
growth requires that we grow from old experiences to creating new victories.
You have the time much later in your adult life to savour your victories and
tell your stories to the young ones to learn from, but as a young person live
for something new, desire new accomplishments and go for them. Don’t stick with
telling stories of how you did this and that when there are several new
opportunities to explore. Put on your thinking cap, record another victory.

having an illusion of success makes some people give up on attaining the height
they have the capacity to attain in life. Getting too comfortable with your
past victories, and refusing to give todays need its attention, robs tomorrow
of its wins. It is very good to celebrate your wins, infact for some people
this celebration is just what they need to launch their next project. For some
others, it may just be what they need to retire. The stance you should take
depends on what stage of life you are currently at. I still believe that there
are no limitations to anyone at all who wants to accomplish something. The only
limit we all have is in our mind, once we can conquer fear and believe we can
do it, it is only a matter of time before that endeavor becomes a real success.

celebrate your wins no matter how small they seem, set more goals and go for
those goals. Our life will go the upward trajectory if we choose to live our
lives in this pattern. As the popular saying goes, “Always go for
gold”, that past win may be the gold at that time, if you try again , you
will have several other accomplishments that may water down the euphoria of
that your past win.

It’s a new week, it’s time to
dream again, you have the capacity to do everything your mind can conceive,
just believe in yourself and try again. Of course you may fail, but this shouldn’t
deter you from doing it again!

Have a blessed week!

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