Follow through!

Write down all your ideas, plans or any subject at
all you consider important. There are chances you may forget them if you don’t
do so. Some people may contend that forgetting your ideas or plans simply means
you never considered them that important. While some may agree with this, I do
not think it is completely true. As human beings, so many things are competing
for our attention, both the important ones and the unimportant ones. Writing
down your everyday to-do list and then your short and long-term plans simply
ensures that the nitty-gritty of those plans is always in your mind. The good
thing about keeping your thoughts in a permanent form is that it doesn’t take
anything from you to do that. You can either write it down, make voice
recordings, or store it on your PC, phone, etc. Technology has made it much
easier to make these records, our duty lies in knowing that this is an
important habit we should form.

The next step after making your plans is to define
those plans. Which of them are long-term and which are short-term? The
short-term ones may require your immediate attention while the long-term ones
may need longer preparations. The bottom line is to know
which applies to
which and to go ahead and do what you need to do. What you may be required to
do may be to get proper training for the plans you are making. Our plans become
less than perfect when we just write them down without being realistic about
how to achieve them. Writing down your ideas without taking extra steps to
bring them to reality makes them to be mere wishes
and as the
popular saying goes,
if wishes were horses beggars will ride

You are not a beggar; your ideas, and plans are not mere wishes. If they
were, they wouldn’t be in a permanent form.
So, be bold, don’t be lazy, go after your dreams, do
what you need to do!

Have a fruitful week!

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