Take care of “Now”

is a good day to look back and give yourself kudos on how far you have come. We
often focus so much attention on chasing new things that we fail to acknowledge
and appreciate ourselves for the milestones we have reached and even crossed.
In your pursuit of success and the next deadline, please don’t forget where you
are coming from, learn to reward yourself for your efforts and triumphs. This
might be the tonic you need for your next project.

Life often has a way of
rewarding people’s effort. Of course, even some of your failures may just be
learning curves for you, that itself is a reward for trying out something. A
reward is simply the result often given to you for an outstanding effort that
yielded something good. We may not interpret failures as good, but sometimes
failures must happen before we get the good result we desire. If you check some
discoveries that happened in history, many of them didn’t happen after just one
attempt. Some of these inventors recorded many near-successes until they
arrived at the invention they patented and commercialized. It is therefore very
important for you to recognize your little beginnings. They may not look that
great to you now, but they were once the only work or result you could boast
of. In like manner, reward your present effort and little results. These little
results are the foundations for the big ones you will record in the future.
Don’t get yourself burned out chasing the “future” result that you
fail to take care of the present.

working on your goals, address your shortcomings and failed attempts, learn
what went wrong and try again. Do not yield to the pressure of trying to do
what the other person is doing. Remain true to yourself, keep your eyes on your
goals. Trust me your consistency will eventually yield the result you desire.

Have a blessed week!

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