It is
not your responsibility to cater to all the problems around you. Infact, trying
to solve all of them by yourself is the easiest way to live an unfulfilled life.
life. Every human being is unique, with different gifting and abilities. So why
try to solve all problems by yourself if there is someone that can do that job
better than you. You can delegate responsibilities to people competent to
handle such affairs, you may also want to consult experts in that unfamiliar
field. The point is this -“know your limits, know when to seek external

Many people grew up believing
that the more obligations one took, the more responsible that person appeared.
This made some people not know when to stop. They unknowingly carry on this
same mindset to work, to their career and life in general. The result is that
we have a lot of overworked, stressed and unsatisfied people everywhere. If you
happen to be amongst this set of people, it is time to try a different
approach.  The world will not end if you seek help, or outsource that
responsibility. It may sound strange to you if you have formed this habit over
the years. Growth is being able to recognize what we need to learn, habits we
need to drop, and changes we need to make. Do not be afraid of change, it is
all part of life and the growth process of anyone that desires a different
outcome to what he is used to. We all can live a very fulfilling and satisfied
life if we practice this.

Rest is also another un-emphasized anti-dote to many
problems people face. Delegation of delegable obligations gives you more room
to rest. Please rest, include this in your to do list, this is one way to
ensure you are not over-stretching yourself.

Have a
good week!

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