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Welcome to the first Monday in June.

It’s already the sixth month of the year. Guess many people are already facing the reality of the year. And yes, by now the whole talk about new year resolutions is no longer a ‘thing’. Infact, if at all anyone is having that discussion it would be in terms of what aspects of that resolution has been done or is currently work in progress.

Having well defined plans means that you have a reference point to assess your growth. It’s easy to start many projects, but the actual work is how to get all those works running and very successful at the end. That is why keeping a journal or having your goals spelt out in a permanent form is important.

Ok, let’s all go back to the plans we had written down in January for this year, this sixth month of the year is a good time to ask ourselves the hard questions: Are we still on course? You may not like your response, all the same, it is good to have these reflections. It helps you work on your weaknesses or get help where you have tried your best and haven’t been able to secure the result you want.

One of the important rules of growth and advancement in any chosen endeavour is one’s ability to recognize his weakness(es) and areas he needs improvement, because recognizing this helps you address these challenges. Now that you have identified what you need to work on, take time to research on how to move past that imbroglio that has lingered or delayed that work till now. This may be the time to consult experts or people that have succeeded in that which you are doing. Whatever you need to do, do it now, don’t just be stuck, take those baby steps, keep moving.

Have a wonderful week!

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