Do You Want More?

”Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” is a popular saying that emphasizes the idea of keeping one’s options open.

Does keeping your options open really apply to every situation in life? Of course, it doesn’t. For instance, if you commit yourself to being in a closed relationship with someone, you shouldn’t go against that by seeing other people. In most situations in life, the usual is to want more, get more, keep everything open, and just keep positioning yourself for better opportunities and deals.

While it is good and important to position ourselves for better opportunities and go for more, there is an extent to which pursuing “more” underscores a person’s insatiability which is usually frowned upon, especially when that “more” is at the detriment of other people’s well-being and, does not make the person happy.

Happiness and having a peaceful existence are often underrated. This is because there is so much emphasis on getting more money, more power, influence etc, that sometimes people mistakenly assume that getting all these would give them the ultimate peace and joyful existence that some people have. Unfortunately, it has been proven repeatedly that more wealth or influence does not guarantee happiness.

Happiness comes from within a person. It is a state of mind and it comes when someone makes a conscious decision to see life a bit more differently than the majority would. Some are not necessarily living the life we consider “luxurious”, but they have more human connections and are happier than the population living ‘the life’ people envy.

If you desire a peaceful and happy life, then make a deliberate decision to maintain your inner peace and joy, no matter what life throws at you. Go for good opportunities to make your life and the lives of the people around you better, just understand that a “better life and opportunities” does not necessarily guarantee a life of happiness.

Whatever you do, remember you are the one to determine your state of mind, not your acquisitions, connections, etc.

Have a blessed week!

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