Get Back On Your Feet

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The world we live in has innumerable opportunities; opportunities to grow, improve ourselves, and do anything our mind can conceive. Despite the existence of these opportunities, however, so many people live unfulfilled lives, yearning for something different, why? To answer this question, I think some individuals dwell in regret, wishful thinking, and excuses because, they haven’t recognized the infinitesimal opportunities that life presents—even the ones right in front of them.

Opportunities are usually hidden; they don’t come written as opportunities.

So, instead of whining about how your life is not what it should be or how you would have had it different if you had a better background or just one of the numerous excuses that have stopped you from living your best life, why don’t you take a break? if possible, travel to somewhere cool and natural and just think about the advantages you have, search deep within yourself and your environment for opportunities that are there. When you push your mind out of the self-pity phase to the creative thinking phase, I can bet you, you will be surprised at what your mind can conceive.

Be inspired by the people around you, if you look around and you don’t find motivation, please check online, there would be a story of some individual somewhere in the world that can inspire you to become creative again.

Nobody in life has ever succeeded by taking on the pity approach. Some people may pity you, and offer some sort of help, but the ultimate decision to get yourself to a good place lies with you.

Do you feel stuck in life? Do you feel as if the world has passed you by? Do you feel you are “late” by the world’s standard? If you feel any of these emotions, the first thing to do is to get the help you need, it may be something as ordinary as reading a good book that addresses the emotion you are feeling, or meeting a therapist that can assist you to make sense of why you feel the way you do. Ultimately, you can muster up your willpower and tell yourself “It is time to get back my mojo. Whatever solution you choose, please avail yourself of that opportunity to become your best version again!

Do have a fruitful week!

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