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The year is gradually drawing to a close, and as is expected we are in the holiday season. This is a good time to rest, unwind, and devote time to your loved ones. It may also be a good time for you to re-establish connections with people you couldn’t connect with as a result of your work schedule or time constraints.

Holidays are good seasons; it makes most people re-direct their focus on something else. For instance, in Nigeria, most corporate organizations do more CSRs during the end of the year. More people remember giving to charity around this time of the year. So, without knowing it, people tend to focus more on others during this holiday season, than they would have done during other periods of the year.

As we unwind for the year, do not be tempted to do so with regrets. There are chances you did not reach the target you set for yourself this year, there are also people that may have lost loved ones this year. No matter the circumstances, remember to be grateful for the targets you met, and for your other small victories, while you re-strategize on how to make more gains in your chosen endeavor.

Treat your holiday season as what it is. Do not use it as a time to compare yourself with others, especially, during family gatherings and get-togethers. Be happy for those that are celebrating and like I said above, even if you don’t have much going on right now in your life, be happy and grateful for the small successes you recorded. There is always room for improvement in everything we embark on, while you may not have been where you planned to be by this time of the year, you can still use this holiday to genuinely recognize what you didn’t do well and make better decisions next time.

As the year rounds up, remember the less privileged ones amongst you. Put a smile on their faces and make this season about others.

Happy Holidays!

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