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It is another Christmas season. For some people, it is just another day, and for some others, it is a day to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ whose life’s sojourn continues to influence and affect lives positively. It is incredible that someone who lived many years ago is still being celebrated many years down the line. This brings us to the conversation of living an impactful life.

Many people get so caught up in a rat race, that they fail to take a break and ask themselves whether what they are doing is all there is to life. I understand that it is pertinent to reach the peak of your career and pay the never-ending bills, but if that is just what your life consists of at the moment, then I think you need to take out time to re-assess what truly matters in life.

To live an impactful life, you have to live your life beyond just meeting the next deadline. An impactful life affects many other lives positively. So, the question is, if I continue doing what I’m currently doing for the rest of my life, how many people can say that my life influenced them positively? The answer to this question will help you understand where you are currently in your life and whether you need to make some adjustments. Live beyond trying to survive, go out of your comfort zone and solve a need. The world is in need of many hands working on different areas of life, from science and research to technological developments, to humanitarian activities. There are a lot more than what I listed, just look around you, in your community, or environment there is a need you can solve.

N/B- Don’t forget the real reason for this Xmas season, don’t celebrate it without acknowledging the person behind the season.

Have a beautiful Christmas celebration!

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