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Running a successful venture requires getting the required training for that venture. It also involves doing everything within your means to ensure its growth. Your ability to apply what you have learned is what will differentiate you from every other person in that same field.

No two human beings are the same, that is why no two ideas from the same people are the same. You may have an idea about something, and some other person may equally have the same idea, but when it is time for implementation, you can be sure that ‘your’ processes and results will be different.

The difference in the result may be a factor of what information both of you were exposed to, the people around you (that is your team, friends, family, etc). Several other factors contribute to the results you get, but one of the most important factors is your exposure to what you need to succeed in that project.

People tend to focus more on the attributes of a person to determine how well or how far that person will go in life. Sometimes, these attributes are not all that determine how far someone will go in life. Being hardworking, resilient, tenacious and all other good attributes are okay, but having them without the right character can make years of hard work come to nothing. So, whilst it is good to grow as a person, or grow your business, or just any venture you are undertaking, doing so without improving your relationship with people or just having that character people can trust makes rubbish of all your achievements.

It may sound cliche, but trust me, the world would always value men with integrity over men without it, no matter how successful those men are. So, while building and rising, remember to build a good name too. It will always matter!

Have a good week!

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