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We are all in a race; the race called life. In this race, there are no rules, there are no limits, and there are no umpires. One peculiar fact about this race is that no matter how long or how far one runs his own, he will eventually end up exactly where the other person ended his own. In other words, no one is leaving this life alive.

Seeing that life is a gift and we all have a limited time to make our contributions on this side of the divide, what’s stopping you from living your best life? What’s holding you back from becoming the best version of yourself, taking that risk, undertaking that difficult task, etc.? As I pointed out earlier, we all have limited time to make our contributions to life. Therefore, do not let fear of failure, or what people will say, stop you from taking bold steps.

Are you tired of living in fear of the unknown? Do you have control over life? Generally, you may have control over certain circumstances, therefore, leverage on that control you have, and do what you think is necessary in the circumstance and ignore naysayers. For the factors you don’t have control over, just do your best and hope for a positive outcome. Worrying will not influence the result you wish to see, just put on a positive disposition. Irrespective of whatever the outcome may be after this, do not take it to heart, move on to the next item on your list (this is assuming you have the habit of writing down important events or to-do lists).

A brand-new week is already here, make a mental check of what you need to remove from your life. It may not be easy to let go of habits you have formed over the years, but every big step starts with a tiny one. Do not be afraid, go ahead and take that step. Re-organize your life and utilize the time you have well.

Have a great week!

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