Why worry?

 It is another bright day, a new
day of the week with its own opportunities, challenges and all the vagaries of
life. The way you treat the opportunities will determine whether you will
profit from that opportunity, in the same manner the way you handle your
challenges will determine whether such challenge will be surmounted or whether
it will remain there as a “problem”. The outcome of major decisions we take in
life is often a product of our thought pattern. If we think solution anytime we
are faced with a difficulty, our mind becomes constructive looking for ways to
solve that problem, but if your mind thinks “why me” you may never see beyond
that problem to think of ways to surmount it.

The above brings us to the
subject of today’s write up – worry. Worrying about a problem is not the same
as thinking about solving the problem. Worrying means lamenting over an issue
without creating a solution to take care of that difficulty, a worrier sees every
problem as a hopeless situation. When a worrier thinks about a bad state of
affairs, he or she begins to think of how bad that state of affairs could
degenerate to, instead of thinking of the opportunities that could arise from
that bad state of affairs. A solution oriented person looks objectively at the
same state of affairs and considers whether there are opportunities, where he
confirms that there are no opportunities he begins to make plans on how to
survive that situation.

Just like I said in the
beginning, the results we produce is a direct outcome of our thought process.
If we think solutions, the mind will creatively look for a thousand and one
ways to surmount a bad situation, if we worry, we simply lament over a problem
without necessarily doing anything about it. In other words, the same time and
energy spent on worrying can also be spent on thinking solutions, so why not
channel the same energy that you spend on worrying to thinking solutions. It
has also been proven that worrying is bad for the health, so why worry?

As you start your day today,
don’t forget to guard your thoughts against worrying, do the same for the rest
of the week, with time you will rid yourself of the worrying habit. Do have a
lovely week.


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