What to do while waiting……

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It is okay to feel bad when your plans go awry. It’s also okay to feel impatient when the outcome you are expecting is taking too long to materialize, most especially when the result is no longer dependent on you but on other factors. This is what you should do when you are waiting.

Firstly, examine that completed project, proposal, request, etc, and be sure that you have done all that is required from you. Don’t be exasperated for nothing! Make sure that you have done your part very well; leave no loopholes and then wait for the result to come in.

Secondly, determine whether there are other things you need to do while waiting for that approval, finalization, or whatever it is that you are waiting on for results.

Thirdly, keep yourself in a good mental state, and do everything that makes you happy. This is not the time to be pessimistic and wonder “what if it doesn’t work out?”; as a matter of fact,  “What if it works” would be a better thought to occupy your mind. Just go over in your head, the possibilities of a breakthrough.

Finally, be cheerful. I know this project/approval is the biggest thing in your life right now. Do not let it eclipse every other part of your life. Continue your other works, hang out with friends, don’t just be anxious for nothing, especially, as anxiety wouldn’t influence the result you are expecting.

I hope this guideline helps you through your waiting season.

Have a good day!

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