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Believe in yourself, your dreams, abilities, etc. If you don’t do so, no one will believe in you. Believe in yourself because, this is what will help you accomplish your vision. Every result you see once started as an idea, imagine if the person with that dream didn’t believe in himself, the result we all call success would never have been achieved!

Anyone who ever wanted to make a lasting impact in any endeavor knows that the first step to take is to convince himself and the people he intends to work with on the viability of that project. Is it bankable? This question is usually on the lips of every investor who wants to invest in a worthwhile project. In the same manner, you have to be convinced of your own abilities, your dreams, etc. before any other person can buy your vision. In every venture you wish to undertake in, see yourself as a salesperson trying to sell a good product. So, to make good sales, the product has to be good, and a good salesperson has to be on board to convince the potential buyers of the worthiness of the goods and services he is marketing. This means that you can be really good, but if you don’t believe in yourself, let alone market yourself well, nobody will give you a chance!

You are good at what you are doing, you have gotten the required skills, and you have even undertaken several small projects and succeeded in all of them. So what are you waiting for to launch out, to move out of your comfort zone and go for more challenging roles and opportunities?

Do not let those small voices in your head convince you that you are not good enough! Damn those voices and reach for the stars!

See you at the top!

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