Watch that action!

You are likely going to become what you spend time
doing over a long period of time. If you find yourself indulging in a behavior
you know wouldn’t help you in the long run, do well to stop it, because if you
don’t stop that conduct early, you are not just going to become a product of
that behaviour, you may end up eventually struggling to get back on track.

Addictions are formed when people indulge a little
bit in certain conducts, then they do it another day, then yet another day, and
so on. By the time the person realizes what is happening, he is already an
addict- i.e. drug addict, drunk, etc. If constantly doing an action creates a
pattern of behaviour in people, imagine what the right actions and habits will
create in people in the long run. Successful people don’t become so overnight,
they simply developed the right habit, became more disciplined, formed the
right character and attitude, and then stuck to it over a long period of time.
So, be careful of those
”little” ”harmless” conducts, especially if repeated over time; you will
eventually become the natural consequence of that action.

Be deliberate about every step you take in life if
you are serious about becoming a better version of yourself. Don’t join the
bandwagon, have a reason for every action you are taking. Where such action is
popular do it not because every person is doing so, but rather because you have
made your research and have come to the conclusion that that step is the best
one to take at that time.

What do you want to become in life? Are your
current actions bringing you closer to the person you want to be? Answer this
question truthfully and make any necessary changes to your behaviour.

Have a good week!

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