Little things that matter

Sometimes it is the little things
that we think doesn’t count that truly matters. For instance, calling a friend
or family member going through challenges and offering words of consolation and
hope may not be a big deal to you, but may mean a lot to that person especially
if they have been abandoned by people they care about. In such manner maintaining
contact with our aged relations, neighbours or family friends though may not
mean a great deal to you may mean a lot to the retirees.

Thanking someone for favours offered
to you is a good way to appreciate the person who made such favour available to
you. You can show a better appreciation of such favour by returning the favour.
That is why we have the popular saying “One good turn deserves another”.
Genuine and heart felt appreciation is always revered don’t be stingy with
them. As much as it lies within you help people without expecting anything in
return, sometimes it is the expectation that leaves you broken hearted if the person
disappoints you in the future. Keep sowing the seeds of good relationships, you
may not necessarily reap from every one of them, but you may eventually have
one or two that will be worth it in time. Do not shy away from social
gatherings, being a private person doesn’t mean you should not celebrate with
people in their joyful seasons or any other seasons of their lives. Attend the events
you can and send apologies for the ones your tight schedule cannot accommodate.

Life is beautiful, you do not
need to do so much to lift another person up, just do those little things and
you would have unknowingly put a smile on someone’s face.

Have a fruitful week!

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