It is still possible

 Living in advanced countries
comes with many advantages, apart from being sure of a working system, there is
an assurance of a minimum quality of life. A hardworking person can be guaranteed
of his pay for works done, a living wage for his works. Unlike a failed
system, a working system assures its citizenry of minimum health care, housing
coverage etc.
 The eagerness to experience
these basics makes people relocate from countries with lower quality of life to
advanced countries that offers its inhabitants these and a lot more.

How do you reach your full
potential in a country that does not support your dream? Is it possible to
reach your peak in life despite being in a system that doesn’t work? As tough
as this may be, it is still very possible to reach your peak in life against
all odds. The only difference is that yours may take more time and effort, your
contemporaries in other countries may have it easier than you. That doesn’t
necessarily mean that you cannot become what you really want to be in life.
Nothing in life is easy, if you wish to change the status quo, then you must be
willing to pay the price, you must be resilient in your pursuit of your goals,
you must persist against all odds. There is really nothing to be done in an un-encouraging
environment except to sit down and change your circumstances or you relocate to
the vicinity you think will be more favourable to your goals in life. Whichever
path you choose, remember that the end game is to realize your dreams and make
a mark in history.

Go out this week with the resolve
to do your best despite all the negatives.

See you at the top.



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