Build your knowledge bank

It is believed that people get wiser
with age. This is because it is often taken that individuals learn a whole lot
from life experiences. I wouldn’t expect a 5-year-old to know much about heart
break, loss and all sorts, the likelihood of experiencing these emotions
increases as we grow older. We cannot expressly guard ourselves against life
situations, things happen unplanned, despite all forms of planning and calculations
to get things right. It is some of these experiences that is supposed to make
one wiser with age.

Despite this popular saying, I
think that wisdom is not actually determined by the number of your days on
earth. If you hardly take risks or engage in different of activities, there are
things you may never know. As a matter of fact, it is the works we involve in
that builds our knowledge bank. The more you participate in different
activities, the more experiences you will build and the more you are likely to have
an opinion in different areas of life. It is easy to get knowledge in different
spheres of human endeavor; the only requirement is just a bit of curiosity. If
you are curious enough, you can have an idea about any and everything happening
around you. We are in a knowledge based era, a lot is going on in different spheres of life, while you are not required to be an expert on everything, it will be
good for you to have a little idea about everything.

It is sometimes very easy to fall
for the forlorn speech of “I am very busy or I am tired’. Despite how busy you
may be, create a time to learn something new. You do not have to understand it
all at once, just show a little interest in knowing about your environment or
what is happening outside you regular sphere of life. That is how to build

As we engage in our weekly
activities, let’s remember to devote ample time to learning something new. It
may not be easy with your tight schedule, but remember when there is a will,
there will always be a way.

Have a beautiful and fulfilling

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