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It doesn’t matter how long you have been doing something when it comes to the question of competence. The question is, Can you do this? If I am faced with the decision to give out a job for a particular project, I will prefer to go for someone with a proven ability to deliver on a task, even if such person is a rookie than someone who has been in that field for long but is not effective. Simply put, if I claim to be proficient in a particular field, the question I should ask myself every time is whether I am competent and effective in that which I claim to have the proficiency to do. If I am unable to answer this question in the affirmative, it means that instead of trying to get people to believe me, I should rather focus on becoming what I won’t need to convince people that I am. Invest in yourself, take trainings, move with the times and know the latest trends in your field. In due time, your results will bring people to you.

One of the ways of knowing which area of your life to invest in is by asking yourself which area of your life you aren’t proud of. There are circumstances within your control that you can easily change, change them; for those areas of your life that you don’t have control over, such as physical appearance, own your imperfections and don’t allow them to diminish your confidence.

Confidence is like a cloth people wear; it is not hidden. Your clothes can either be beautiful, presentable, or shabby, no matter what state it is in, everyone will see it. In the same manner, everyone notices that aura of confidence over people who exude it and one of the factors that builds confidence is being on top of your game!

Are you on top of your game? If no, please do what you need to do to be there, while at it, don’t forget to live your life beautifully. Click on this https://a.co/d/b7CzsBw to find out how to live your life beautifully.

Have a great week!

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