Show me that man that is
consistent and I’ll show you a man that can survive all odds and the vagaries
of life. Consistency simply means keeping to your word or a particular conduct,
such that another can always vouch that you will behave in a particular way.
Let your yes be yes and your no, no. I’m speaking of consistency in terms of
consistency in a right behavior or good conduct.
Consistency means that where
problem arises you can have many people that can attest to your lifestyle and
the fact that some conducts attributed to you may be false. Consistency in
conduct too, can take the negative turn, especially, where you are known for a
particular wrong behavior. Where a similar situation happens, even when you are
not involved, such conduct may be attributed to you.
In life, you have to choose which
conduct or lifestyle you want to be known for. Whichever one you choose (coming from a positive perspective now), you
should be consistent in it such that people can attest that you live a
particular way. It is not enough to claim that you are a particular way, where
no one around you(close friends, family) can attest to that fact.
Work on yourself, work on building that character of consistency, work on closing your eyes to the undesirable happenings around you, work on being known for a particular behaviour even when situations around you compel doing the otherwise. There are many things that can make a man relinquish a character, they happen everyday. Your ability to come out strong out of a hurtful or bad situation without losing the real you is what will eventually shape your character.
Let’s all work on ourselves and hope that we will come out strong in our characters.
Have a beautiful week!

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