Conquer your fear

Why do you leave an environment
especially one you are used to in search of another one? I like to think that
this is sometimes necessitated by a new job, a new school, desire to try
something new etc. People hardly move out of a place without a reason. Though
the reasons may vary, most relocation comes as a result of a desire for more.

While some people are easily
amenable to change, other are not. These others prefer to leave things as they
are, never accepting to go outside their comfort zones, they prefer to be in a
place rather than explore or consider opportunities outside where they are.
While it is desirable to explore our environment in other to learn some new
things and experience a different life than the one we are used to, it is also
good to recognize this other set of people that have a phobia for change. If
you belong to the latter, please try and work on your fear. The world is full
of many opportunities; you have the potential to be more than you are right
now. It is possible that the only factor keeping you from enjoying this whole new
world of opportunities is your fear of the unknown. Most of these fears are not
real, it is simply what our minds conjure up to keep us in a particular spot. A
new life awaits you if you can summon up the courage to leave your comfort
zone.  Explore the world, take risks,
experience life in a new way, you never can tell what lies at the other end of
the spectrum.

It’s the Christmas season, cheer
up, do not be afraid to leave your comfort zone. Try out something new this
season, if you have a phobia for change, this is also a good time to do
something to conquer your fear.

Compliments of the season

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