Your lane, the best lane

Stay on your lane! This might be
a not-so common way to start a write-up, but it is intended for the effect. People
tend to interfere too much with what is not their business. I do not mean that
good checking up on a loved one to enquire about their welfare, I mean the
malicious checking in just for some sort of gossip to pass around. Being our brother’s
keeper does not include using information given to you by people in their vulnerable
state against them, it does not matter whether that relationship has broken
down or not.

Many people tend to use up so much
time meddling with matters that are not important. Time is very vital to anything
we want to achieve in life. We won’t live forever. That is why we should be
guarded against dispensing our energies, resources and time on things that do
not actually count. Whatever time given up for a frivolous activity is gone, it
cannot be recovered. It makes even less sense when such is spent discussing other
people’s business. If you need to take a break from an activity, go ahead and do
it. This might help you to recharge, find your energy and better ideas to
continue your work. Time for rest should not be confused for time to discuss
other people business.

Sometimes people tend to focus
energies on less rewarding ventures when they are less busy. The saying “the
devil finds work for the idle mind” cannot be more apposite. Being idle means
that they are available for everything and/or anything that demands their
attention. Because they do not have deliverables or timelines to meet they tend
to go with whatever the flow is.

This is a new week, look inwards,
are their untoward habit you have developed without even realizing it, how have
you spent your time in the past week, last month? A self-analysis will help you
decided whether you need to make some life adjustments. Please do so where necessary.

Have an amazing week!


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