Happy New Year

Welcome to 2023, I hope this year
brings us good news, great opportunities and good health all year round. As it’s
customary to every new year, I know some people are already warming up to their
new year resolutions. Do you have one?

Having a new year resolutions is
one thing, fulfilling it is yet another thing. I think that some people simply
write down these resolutions as a wish list, some others take it quite serious.
There are no hard and fast rules to this. Everyone should be committed into developing
their skills, competence in their chosen field etc, you don’t have to wait for
a new year before you go for self-development courses or programs. If you have
a bad habit you wish to drop, make efforts to drop them, you don’t need the
start of a new year to discipline yourself into stopping that habit. I
understand that there is this push in the new year to start something new. Don’t
start just because it’s a new year, start because you are committed to seeing
the end of that endeavor. If you know that tagging it a new year resolution
would make it a wish list, then commit to do that work by doing it at some other
time of the year.

Remember that there are many
opportunities around you, be deliberate about looking out for what you want.
Just because it’s a new year does not mean that you will not see an opportunity
around you, infact this is a perfect time to position yourself well for this
season. Be smart, be focused, stay committed to your dreams and goals, maybe
that door you have been trying to open may eventually open.

Once again, welcome to the new year, may your eyes be opened to the opportunities around you!

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