A Reawakening

I came across a beautiful post I did sometime in 2016. One in which I didn’t have the courage to share with anyone asides my younger sister. I remember pondering on the words of that post and then the realization that I hadn’t even complied with my words in that post dawned on me. It made me realize how seemingly difficult it is for even teachers to apply their teachings in their every day life.
Please don’t be like me. The purpose of this post today, which marks the very beginning of my post as an un-shy blogger is to tell myself “Dear Nwamaka Johnson, your purpose in life is not just to write and encourage others to chase their dreams, please while you are galvanizing others to action, remember to get too on the action. So I plan to make weekly blogs, I am not yet confident to say I will do this daily, that’s the truth I know, and that’s the truth I want you my readers to tell yourself daily. What can you do? What are your specialties? What are those things you will usually find yourself able to do without being pushed around or motivated to do? That’s what I’ll like you to ruminate on over the course of this week.
Please do you. Find time in your busy schedule and world to do you. Nobody can be you better than you. As you go through life, always remember to devote your time to what you love, you never can tell what can come out of that activity which you passionately gave in your all to do. I know it’s not easy to concentrate in this world filled with a lot of distractions, (a very big problem in this century), but, you just have to be determined this time around to find your feet and your voice and become that which you’ve always wanted to be. The time to start is now, not tomorrow!

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